Vox Private Label Supplements Manufacturing

Vox Private Label Manufacturing for

Vitamins, Sports, Wellness, and Weight loss


Who Are We?

Vox Nutrition is a leading company for Private Label Manufacturing of Vitamins and Supplements. Here at Vox Nutrition we believe that a company can only be as successful and grow as fast as the company manufacturing its product for them. For over 10 years Vox Nutrition Private Label Supplements has been leading the way to cheap product prices, 72 hour turnaround times, and superior customer service. With over 100 SKUs of products in stock we have just about anything you need from whey protein to private label vitamins.

Why Vox Private Label Manufacturer?

Our state-of-the-art facility with encapsulators and mixers allows us to raise the level of quality and rate of production. For our private label products by linking all aspects of idea, manufacturing, design, fulfillment, packaging and shipping with new state of the art equipment,Vox Private Label Manufacturer is thus able to provide the fastest industry turn around times of typically 72 hours.


QUALITY IN HOUSE MANUFACTURING: In an FDA Registered Facility following GMP guildlines in the USA

STATE OF THE ART IN-HOUSE GRAPHIC DESIGN: Our Graphic design department will take care of all these needs

BEST PRICING: Because we manufacture in house, our prices are always some of the lowest on the market

DROPSHIPPING & FULFILLMENT: We are now partnered with Ship Central for all these needs

CUSTOM FORMULATIONS: Modify our formula or create your own from scratch to grow and protect your market

SUPERIOR INDUTSRY LEADING CUSTOMER SERVICE: Proven service, providing needs and answers to over 2000 clients worldwide

GROW YOUR BUSINESS: Private Labels Supplements can add a significant new revenue stream to your organization. Offering your own line of quality nutritional supplement products will help you build long lasting relationships with your customers

TRUTH IN LABELING: We hold to the highest FDA and GMP guidelines. All of our products contain only the purest ingredients. You will receive a C Of A with each order

SIMPLE:Design your own labels or have us do the designing for you. We offer low minimums on all of our in house stock products and low prices on custom formula’s

PRICES: You will see that we have the cheapest prices in the industry.

TIMELY: Over 90% of our orders ship out within 72 hours of receipt of payment