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Manufacturing and Private Labeling Vitamins, Sports Nutrition, Wellness, and Weight loss Supplements

Private Label Supplements is a leading company for Private Label Manufacturing of Vitamins and Supplements. We believe that a company can only be as successful and grow as fast as the company manufacturing its product for them. For over 10 years Vox Nutrition Private Label Supplements has been leading the way in the industry. For low product prices, Fast turnaround times, superior customer service and a complete in house staff for all your private labeling needs. With over 100 SKUs of products in stock we have everything you need from sports nutrition to vitamins to skin care and cosmetic products.

Why Us Private Label Supplements As Your Manufacturer?

In House Private Label Services

  • private label supplement manufacturing

    With a state-of-the-art Manufacturing facility. Allows us to raise the level of quality and rate of production over our competitors. We are a USA based FDA & GMP Registered Manufacturing Facility.

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  • private label custom supplement formulas

    As a full private labeling manufacturing facility it’s easy for us to modify our formula or for you to create your own from scratch as you continue to grow and protect your business.

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  • private label bulk supplements available Already have your bottling and labeling taken care of? No problem with our huge inventory of in stock supplements you can buy the wholesale private label supplements you need in bulk.

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  • private label supplements in stock and available

    Building a long lasting relationships with your customers comes down to having the product they want. With our extensive on hand inventory of product you can grow your business as large as you want.

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  • private label supplement bottling services

    Our private label bottling services, can help you separate your business from your competitors. Choose from 6 different bottle and lid colors, and 10 different sizes, to create the unique feel you are looking for.

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  • in house private label supplement label design services

    With our in house graphic design team building your own brand of supplements has never been easier. Our experts can help you design, create and label your brand on any product you choose.

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  • private label supplements label printing services

    Design your own labels or have us do the designing for you. With our in house labeling team it has never been easier to print your custom company label you can be proud to call your own.

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  • on demand private label supplement order fulfillment services

    Our On Demand Order Fulfillment services simplifies the selling of private label supplements online. Give us your label design & focus on selling your products & we will take care of the rest.

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