benefits of supplementing with yacon root vitamin supplements

Benefits of Yacon Root

As the new hot selling product Private Label Yacon Root from Vox Nutrition lives up to its new found reputation of being an excellent option for those looking to cleanse their system and add a boost to their weight loss goals. Yacon, botanically grown is a member of the sunflower family. It is known to grow as much as 20 roots each weighing approximately a pound. In many cases in the past the roots would be cultivated and processed into a syrup to be used as a sweetener. Thanks to advances in the market it is now being processed into a capsule form in which you may reap all the same benefits without needing to add a new food product to your diet such as syrup. In this easy capsule form you simply take 1 or 2 capsules a day with no added calories or inconvenience.

3 Benefits For Supplementing With Yacon Root Supplements


Raw grade yacon root is commonly used as a diuretic which means the body will promote urination and the elimination of toxins. This diuretic process has been known to assist in resolving bladder issues and even kidney stones.


Yacon root contains more than 50 percent fructooligosaccharides or FOS. This natural sweetener is considered a potential source of prebiotics, revealed a study in the “Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.” Prebiotics are an ingredient in that is not digested by your stomach but can reach the colon and ferments. This causes a stimulation in bacterial growth in your gut. This stimulation os bacterial growth aids in gastrointestinal tract digestion and enhances production of immunostimulants called beta-glucans.


Antioxidants are our bodies main ability to fight free radicals. Yacon Root contains ferulic, chlorogenic, and caggeic acids. These antioxidant properties help prevent oxidation of cells which is one of the leading causes of diseases such as cancer and aging. When taking yacon root in an capsulated form which has raw grade powder inside your body will be able to absorb the maximum amount of antioxidants per day.

This list of benefits all add up to a healthier cleaner body. They are also benefits that assist in something so many of us are looking for…. Weightloss. Yacon root has been known to assist in overall weight loss when taken with clean food due to its ability to clean the body of toxins, function better as a whole and digest cleaner and uptake the maximum amount of nutrients your body will need. This results in a lack of fat storage in the body and a slow steady decrease in weight.

Benefits of Private Label Yacon Root Vitamin Supplements
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Benefits of Private Label Yacon Root Vitamin Supplements
Yacon root vitamin supplements are extremely beneficial and becoming extremely popular these days. See the benefits of private label yacon root here.
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