why you should private label vitamin supplements

Why Private Label Vitamins


In the US vitamin sales are booming, especially among the baby boomer generation. Vitamins as a whole make up a $25 billion industry every year. Vitamin retail stores like the Vitamin Shoppe, Nature’s Bounty, and GNC are poised for growth, and retailers like WalMart, Walgreens and Whole Foods have reported strong sales in vitamins. All using their own brand, the same as you may in your shop.

How To Compete Against Large Supplement Brands

So how do the smaller shops compete with these larger brands who are able to manufacture and sell their own brand? Well previously you couldn’t. Previously it would take productions of upwards of 1200 bottles just to sell one vitamin but not anymore, Vox Nutrition requires only a minimum purchase of 12 bottles in order to put your name and information on it.

It’s time to set your customers up so they will come back to you instead of moving on to these other companies to try to get product for cheaper. It’s time to get the same profit margins major retailers are getting.

Why Sell Private Label Vitamins?

Why Private label vitamins?

Over the last 10 years especially Americans have become more and more health conscious and are adopting healthier lifestyles. Americans are losing health benefits due to cost that is forcing them to turn to Vitamins and minerals to improve their health without the doctor’s visits.

Baby Boomers, have become an undeniable economic force in recent history, are becoming more obsessed with their health and wellness, accounting for a 4.9 percent increase in supplements sales between 2001-2008, and the figures are likely to rise, according to the Nutrition Business Journal.

Take advantage of these advances in the industry now and launch your own line of Private labeled Vitamins that are some of the highest quality on the market.

For a complete list of private label vitamin supplements you can order wholesale to start building your business contact us at 1-800-795-7161 or contact us here.

Why You Should Private Label Vitamins
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Why You Should Private Label Vitamins
The Vitamin supplement industry is a $25 billion dollar industry. See why you should be private labeling vitamins for your business. Get started today. 
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