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Private Label Ultra Diet Drops

Private label Supplements ultra dropsThis proprietary blend known as Ultra Diet Drops is a powerful weight loss supplement. Containing African Mango-a natural ingredient that raises Leptin levels, levels out glucose and speeds up the metabolism, and suppresses the appetite. Astragalus-an immune system stimulator, aiding in processing foods without fat storage. Rhodiola-aids in stress, anxiety and moodiness relief.

Benefits of Ultra Diet Drops:

  • Weight Loss
  • Appetite Suppression
  • Raises Leptin levels
  • Heart health

This hormone free supplement has been successful in stimulating the metabolism and increasing leptin levels to achieve weight loss goals. Supplementing with this HCG alternative in addition to diet and exercise is an effective way to reach weight loss goals. Drops are safe for both genders. Produced in 1oz bottles with dropper.

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As a private label manufacturer we offer our customers HCG Ultra Drops, delivered in easy to use bottle with dropper while providing unlimited customization of your order.

Order today and get a turn around time of 72 hours on your private label supplements.

  • Flavor: None
  • Serving Size: 1 ml
  • Servings Per Container: 30
  • Bottle Color: Blue
  • Bottle Size: 1oz (30 ml)
  • Lid Color: Black

ACTIVE Ingredients:
African Mango Extract
-Scientifically proven non-stimulant appetite suppressant, Speeds up the metabolic system, Improves Leptin levels, blood glucose levels, Plasma total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and the levels of C-reactive protein.

– Helps build muscle and reduce body fat. Increases energy production.

– Increase fatty acids metabolism.

– Regulates hormones and blood sugar.

-Protein synthesis, helps with the process of breaking down proteins for use in the body.

-Works to balance hormones by working directly with the body’s endocrine system.

-Lowers cholesterol levels and improves circulation.

Pygeum Africanum
-Prevents hair loss.

-Scientifically proven to increase muscular strength and power output, Boost anaerobic endurance, Increase Aerobic Endurance and Delay Muscular Fatigue.

-increase resistance to the effects of stress (mental and physical), and improvements in associated anxiety and moodiness.

-Stimulates the immune system, inhibits free radical production, supports the cardiovascular system.

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