5 reasons to private label caralluma as a weight loss supplement

5 Reasons You Should Private Label Caralluma

Americans spend around $60 billion every year on weight loss. It’s no wonder then that people are looking to get into the weight loss market. One product making a big splash in recent months is Caralluma.

What is Caralluma?private label caralluma supplement

Caralluma come from a cactus (succulent plant) from India. Studies have shown that Caralluma can suppress appetite and reduce waist size in those who regularly take it. It’s been used or many years by hunters and tribes in India to keep them from feeling hungry during long times away from camp.

Recently, Caralluma has gained attention in the weight loss supplement industry as a product to help people who are trying to lose weight and keep it off.

5 Reasons To Private Label Caralluma

With the market for Caralluma growing and with the positive results the supplement receives, it’s time to get a part of this action. Check out our top 5 reasons to private label Caralluma.

The product works

Caralluma supplements generally contain only Caralluma, and no additives. The main benefit of the plant is the hunger-suppressant aspect. Many believe Caralluma will suppress appetite better than any other supplement currently available.

You control your brand

Private labeling is smart for your brand. When you partner with a private label manufacturer, you’re able to control your brand image and appearance. You can use your own unique logo and colors, helping you to stand out in a sea of competitors and compete against bigger brands.

Customized formulations

While most Caralluma supplements on the market contain only Caralluma, when you private label you have the ability to control your own formulations. Private labeling offers low minimums, meaning you can customize your formulas and product packaging to meet your unique business needs.

Keep up with customer demand

Caralluma is a current hot supplement, which means the demand is high. Partnering with a private labeling manufacturer gives you the ability to keep up with demand. When you need more product, your manufacturer will do the additional product runs for you. You don’t need to worry about proper licensing either, since the manufacturer takes care of all the legal areas.

Low start up costs

If you’re new to the supplement world, you’ll want low start up costs. Private labeling allows you to market pre-tested, pre-manufactured Caralluma, should you chose to do so. This lowers your risks and lowers your initial out-of-pocket expenses.

Get Started Today

As a private label manufacturer, Vox nutrition can help you private label Caralluma supplements with a customized label that fits your brand and business. Call us today to get started!

Reasons To Private Label Caralluma
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Reasons To Private Label Caralluma
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