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Top 3 Selling Dietary Supplement Products

It used to be the dietary supplements that were effective were difficult to come by unless you were the Elite few in the athletic realm. Over time validated research which shows these products to be a safe and effective way to support you on your weight loss journey or even assist in maintaining a healthy weight. Over the last decade having a fit and toned physique rather than just focusing on being skinny has really taken hold by celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston and Matthew McConaughey making it a popular growing trend for the masses who are now seeking to have the same type of physique. Supplement companies no longer need to market directly to bodybuilders and athletes but can expand their business into everyday households which allows them to expand product lines into the diet and weight loss category. While bodybuilding remains niche market, the dietary supplement industry generated an estimated $22.1 Billion dollars in sales in 2006, making it a sought after market as well.

Most Popular Types of Dietary Supplements

This increasingly high demand for diet and weight loss products has driven supplement manufacturers to produce new innovative products that are tested and scientifically proven to be safe and effective.  Credible research and GMP (good manufacturing practices) certified manufacturing facilities drives product sales by making these products available to everyday households and the masses in general. Supplement companies that once only focused primarily on the bodybuilding industry now help provide the 3 top selling dietary supplements that drive this molded and renewed industry:

Multi-Vitaminsprivate label mens multivitamin supplements

For most of us with our crazy hectic schedules we eat a nutritionally deficit food panel that lacks in essential vitamins and minerals needed for health and wellness. Because of this most people do not actually get enough essential vitamins and minerals to meet the daily recommended values which can be ultimately devastating to the body in many different ways depending on your body.  A multi-vitamin is described as a supplement that contains at least 3 or more essential vitamins/minerals where each vitamin/mineral is below the upper tolerance limit as described by the FDA. Currently these are the most popular dietary supplement in the United States. It by itself accounts for $4.8 billion in sales in 2009.

Meal Replacement Supplements

These are also a large necessity in our healthy weight management due to the busy schedule of the everyday person since food preparation can be so tedious and time consuming.  Meal replacements can help give you a quick virtually pre-made meal that will provide needed nutrients and controls calories for you making it a key additive to a calorie controlled diet and regular exercise to assist in weight management. Nutrient rich foods are always ideal but for many people supplements that can provide easy access to a balance of macro and micronutrients is essential, especially when the cost is typically a fraction of what you would pay for fast food or a convenience store for a full meal.

Sports nutrition Supplementsprivate label whey protein powder 5lb chocolate supplement

Sports Nutrition supplements include everything from performance based products to weight loss supplements this category has an extensive base-line. This covers everything from fat burners, to amino acid supplements, your protein powders and drinks and even creatine monohydrate. There is a lot of scientific supporting evidence that validates these products as beneficial in providing incremental effects. While taking one of these supplements for a single week will not allow one to gain massive amounts of muscle, research shows when used properly over time there is a slight edge over those who do not use any supplements eve protein powders.

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Top 3 Selling Dietary Supplement Products
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Top 3 Selling Dietary Supplement Products
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