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About Private Label Supplements

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Privatelabelsupplements.net¬†is a manufacturer that specializes in private labeling. ¬†As a Private Label Supplement Manufacturer, we have had experience in the health and fitness industry for over a decade, since 2002. ¬†Specializing in nutritional supplements and Skin care products, we provide our customers with high quality products in the industry’s¬†fastest turnaround time on the market. ¬†

With our company’s manufacturing abilities and the high amount of products we keep on hand. Our customers are able to purchase products with low minimums, fast turn around times, and the option of drop shipping from our sister company Ship Central.¬† Utilizing our company as your private label manufacturer gives your business access to product expertise and knowledge to help you grow and build your own brand. ¬†

As a long-time owner of a several Nutrition companies since 2002, including Vox Nutrition, Vox Skin Care, On Demand Fulfillment and My Sports Nutrition,  company President Charlie Estes understands the distinctive challenges that wholesale and retail businesses face.

How We Got Started With Private Label Supplements

We understand how hard it is to keep a company growing and keep customers happy with 2-6 week turnaround times and product running out fast. It became so frustrating that we first moved label printing and labeling in house to bring down turnaround times from suppliers, but found in most cases even for unlabeled product we were looking at 2 weeks. That is when we decided we wanted to do something different than the rest of the market. We were going to cut out the middleman and go straight to the lab and focus on fast turnaround times in the wholesale market.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Manufacturers

Since then we have had the ability to expand into our own manufacturing facility. We did this all built around a business structure of an average turnaround time of 72 hours. Additionally our products, our background and consulting experience will assist you with business issues on the far side Supplement product choice and use. Notwithstanding your business appears to be doing fine, that does not mean it cannot be better-and with branding your own company in the Private Label Supplement market using private Label Nutrition products, you can become a top 10 competitor.

By coming to a company such as Vox Nutrition, you will be able to do things you cannot do with other companies such as having lower minimums.  As an FDA Registered facility we follow all cGMP guidelines to ensure the safest and most accurate product for you and your customers. We want to be your trusted weight loss and vitamin supplement manufacturer.

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