Custom Formulas

Private Label Supplement Custom Formula:

Custom Formulation Available on 800 bottles and up

  • Figure out exactly what you are looking for, get the ingredients and amounts per serving together.
  • Give us a call or send in an email with what you are looking for. We will gather the information we need to get you a quote. Example, Ingredients per serving, Capsule type, Bottle Color and so on.
  • We will send a quote to you in 1-2 weeks depending on complexity of the formula
  • If you like what you see you can sign the quote and send it back to us, we require ½ payment up front and ½ plus shipping before we ship the product.
  • While we are manufacturing your products you or we will be working on getting your label designed and perfected for your new product

From formulating your next product to enhancing your current formulations, we work hard to meet your requirements and provide you with superior industry customer service.

  • A company with years of industry experience
  • Access to proprietary ingredients and special formulas.
  • Custom formulations minimums start at 800-1000 units.
  • Shipped within 4-6 weeks.
  • Can accommodate large volume
  • Access to special ingredients and products not in stock products

Custom supplements may be as simple as a single ingredient formula, or a complex mix of ingredients. We can develop your custom supplements by creating an original formulation.

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