why you should private label beard oil supplements

Why Private Label Beard Oil?


You may have heard of this craze called beard oil. But what is it? And why should your company private label it? Beard oil is just one of many men’s grooming products that are getting attention in the personal care industry.

Why Men Use Private Label Beard Oilprivate label beard oil jamaican paradise scented supplement

Beard oil moisturizes facial hair and the skin beneath. It’s hydrating to the skin and can help soften and tame beard hair, which can often be coarse or rough. A beard should look shiny and groomed, not dusty, flaky, or shaggy. Beard oil can help men achieve this look.

A good, high quality beard oil will be made up of two main ingredients: a carrier oil and an essential oil. Carrier oils typically deliver the core benefits of the beard oil and make up about 90% of the actual oil. The essential oil brings the “fun” into the beard oil. Essential oils carry the scent, ranging from citrus to lavender to tea tree to sandalwood and everything in between.

Partnering with a private label company will enable you to find the right formula to sell. With a private label company, you can choose from one of the many formulas already available so you can get your beard oil to market quickly.

Grooming Products for Men


why private label beard care grooming products

Grooming products aren’t just for women anymore. In fact, more men are now purchasing personal care items to help them look their best. In the United States, the men’s grooming products industry is expected to top over $21 billion in 2016. Beard oil is just one of the products contributing to this boom.

In the United States, 26% of men say they spent more time on shaving products in 2014 than they did in 2013 and 24% spend more time on their facial skin. In addition, 22% spent more time on researching personal care products.

Start Private Labeling Beard Oil Today

With beards gaining in popularity and the increase of attention to men’s grooming products, it only makes sense for your company to start selling beard oil. Add to your product line and increase ROI with this new product.

If your company is looking to expand your product line, increase sales, and bring in more customers, then now is the time to consider private labeling beard oil.  Contact Vox Nutrition today to find out how you can start private labeling beard oil and begin to cash in on the beard oil trend. We can help you get your own beard oil on the shelves in just a few weeks.

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Why Private Label Beard Oil?
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Why Private Label Beard Oil?
Beard oils and other beard grooming products are on the rise and are extremely popular. Learn why you should private label beard oil supplements today.
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